Eleanor Sheridan

“We just absolutely love it honestly! It has made our job a lot easier. We have actually ended up using it a whole lot more than we thought we ever would”

Dr Sumeet Singhal

“Isla has been a huge help in managing diagnosis of seizures. The platform continues to represent a big leap forward in seizure management, and we now sometimes make a diagnosis on the same day as a first telephone contact by a GP. We cannot imagine going back to a pre-Isla situation”

Dr Kenneth McLean

“Isla has provided an invaluable platform to safely, securely, and clearly communicate between patients after discharge and their surgical team.”

Dr Claire Fuller

“Our work with Isla is a great example of how we are working with digital health partners to benefit our patients. The Isla team fully understands the realities and needs of image management in clinical practice and how this can transform virtual practice.”

Iain Hennessey

“Using technology to help our families lead more normal lives is one of our key goals; the partnership with Isla Health has been fantastic in exploring the future of remote care.”

Dr Sandy Anderson

“These community-based clinics are virtually filtering for cancer, speeding up the process, reducing waiting lists and allowing patients to get a faster diagnosis without having to travel for a specialist appointment.”

Martin Scott

“Best customer service I’ve ever had from a software package.”

Bruno Bothelo

“We have implemented Isla as our remote monitoring solution across a huge range of specialities, delivering benefits for our patients, as well as saving time and money – all with excellent feedback from clinicians.”