New feature alert: Dermatology submissions library is finally here!
May 3, 2024

New feature alert: Dermatology submissions library is finally here!

Dermatology submissions library

Today, we’re sitting down with our very own Product Director, Lara Mason, who together with her team, is behind Isla’s latest enhancement – the Dermatology submissions library. Let’s dive deep into the features and benefits with the team.

Q: Thank you all for joining us today. To start off, could you tell us what inspired the creation of the Dermatology submissions library?

Lara: Absolutely! We wanted to support a more streamlined approach to managing patient images, particularly in the field of dermatology. Dermatologists often deal with a vast number of patient images, and a need for organising them efficiently across a caseload is something we’ve heard from our users. The Dermatology submissions library was born out of this need, aiming to simplify image management and enhance the overall user experience for clinicians. 

Q: It sounds like a game-changer for dermatologists. Can you walk us through some of the key features of the submissions library?

Lara: Of course! This is a really exciting step forwards for us as it allows users to review images over a whole caseload rather than just one patient at a time. This means the submissions page enables users to review and export information across all patients in a given team, providing a centralised hub for managing patient images. 

One of the standout features is the ability to tag images, which allows users to categorise and group images based on various criteria such as skin types, conditions, image types, or lesion locations. This makes it incredibly easy to organise and retrieve specific images when needed. 

Q: That’s impressive! How does the library enhance the overall user experience for Isla users?

Lara: By incorporating extra metadata and search functionalities, we’ve made it easier for users to organise and store images in their library. Users can filter images by date range, folder templates, and whether they are patient-submitted or staff-submitted. This level of customisation empowers clinicians to tailor their image management process to suit their specific needs, ultimately saving time and improving workflow efficiency.

QIt seems like the submissions library offers a comprehensive solution for Dermatologists. Can you tell us more about its role as a central database?

Lara: Certainly! The submissions library functions as a secure database for storing high-quality image data, including macroscopic and dermoscopic images, along with associated metadata such as demographic information and image-specific details. This centralised database not only facilitates research and teaching but also supports caseload management and review. Users can easily access linked patient records directly from the library, making it a valuable tool for both clinical and academic purposes.

Q: Thank you all for sharing these insights into the Dermatology submissions library. It’s clear that this feature will have a significant impact on how Dermatologists manage patient images. Before we wrap up, is there anything else you’d like to add?

Lara: We’re thrilled to introduce this powerful feature to our Dermatology users and are committed to continuously enhancing the platform to meet the evolving needs of clinicians. We encourage users to explore the submissions library and discover the amazing enhancements we’ve made to streamline their workflow and improve patient care.

Q: How can I get access to these features? 

Lara: The submissions library is available for every Isla user right now. Head to the ‘Submissions’ tab at the top of your desktop screen and choose a team to get started.

If you’d like to enable tags for your team, pop an email over to or fill out this form, and we’ll get you set up.

And there you have it – a first-hand look at Isla’s groundbreaking Dermatology submissions library straight from the Isla Product team themselves. Stay tuned for more exciting product updates. 

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