Isla platform goes live in Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust
July 9, 2024

Isla platform goes live in Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust (RCHT) is the latest Trust to go live with Isla, where Isla will be used to aid existing Teledermatology pathways and to provide outcomes to patients post-referral. Isla will be implemented across the patient pathway, including the upload of referral letters, images of lesions in-clinic, and clinical questionnaires. All information uploaded to Isla will also be seamlessly reflected in the Trust’s EPR to ensure centralised patient care records. 

RCHT is the main provider of acute care in Cornwall, caring for approximately 470,000 people. Patients may live in remote or isolated locations, meaning the delivery of quality remote care is vitally important. The Trust is passionate about staying at the forefront of medical advances and developing their care pathways to aid this. 

Isla is a comprehensive remote healthcare platform that provides clinicians with the information they need for a full understanding  of the patient’s condition to support clinical decision-making. Patients and clinicians can submit photos, videos and clinical questionnaires from devices they’re already using like phones and laptops. No data is stored locally on devices, making Isla a scalable and secure solution. By supporting the flow of information to clinicians from patients at home,  unnecessary in-person appointments are avoided, cutting down the time, cost and disruption of hospital appointments, while allowing clinical teams to monitor and support their patients outside hospital walls. Forty NHS Trusts are now using Isla across multiple pathways with wide-ranging impact, including reducing waiting lists, accelerating time-to-treatment, and enabling faster, more confident clinical decision making.

Feedback at the end of week one is very encouraging. Alexander Anderson, Dermatology Associate Specialist, said “Using Isla was intuitive and quick… all in all it’s been an immensely positive first week”.

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