Driving digital transformation: Chelsea and Westminster at the forefront with Isla platform
January 31, 2024

Driving digital transformation: Chelsea and Westminster at the forefront with Isla platform

Driving digital transformation: Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust at the forefront with Isla

Clinicians and patients at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have been successfully using the Isla platform since August 2020. Isla is a secure platform for the capture, storage and sharing of photos, videos and structured assessment forms between patients and clinicians. The Trust has now reached an incredible milestone of 200,000 submissions on to the Isla platform both from patients submitting remotely and clinicians submitting on site.

The platform’s reach now spans over 25 different specialties within the Trust, demonstrating its widespread adoption and impact in both an inpatient and outpatient settings. From plastics and dermatology to surgical waitlist and post-op surveillance, the clinicians and patients at Chelsea and Westminster have fully embraced Isla with specialties like gender affirmation service and breast surgery being newly onboarded and already seeing a meaningful impact. 

Feedback from Chelsea and Westminster patients and staff has been overwhelmingly positive, with a key sentiment that the platform is much easier to use than they had initially expected. Isla is being used as a default solution in multiple specialties where staff capture patient data or send requests to patients for information whenever they can to keep a visual record of their patients’ conditions. An example of this is in burns, where Isla is being used to send requests to patients to take images of their burns to assess whether a patient needs to attend a face-to-face appointment. This resulted in a 15% reduction in on site patient visits due to remote monitoring. 

Isla’s integration with Cerner also allows for this process to be made more seamless through the sending of automatic links to patients for them to submit information remotely to cut down on administrative time and costs.

Bruno Botelho, Deputy COO & Director of Digital Operations at the Trust, gave his thoughts on Isla:

“We have implemented Isla as our remote monitoring solution across a huge range of specialties, delivering benefits for our patients as well as saving time and money – all with excellent feedback from clinicians”

Some key highlights of Chelsea and Westminster’s collaboration with Isla are:

  • Follow-up appointments reduced by 40% in trauma and orthopaedics clinics
  • An average of over 7 miles of travel saved per appointment for over 30,000 patients
  • Approximately 600 clinicians on boarded onto the platform 

The success of the platform at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is underpinned by the engaged clinical teams and dedicated project management staff who are determined to deliver the best care to their patients and be at the forefront of digital health technology adoption. We are excited to see how Isla’s partnership with the Trust can continue to improve the care delivered to patients and drive digital transformation across the Trust.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits NHS Trusts have realised using Isla, in both community care and more broadly, get in touch